exite proOur Story

“EXITE started in 1994 in Australia. Designing and manufacturing quality protective skate gear designed to last.  Our products are designed to suit all levels of aggressive sports used for Skateboarding, Inline Skating, BMX, Roller-Derby and Scooter Riding.

Our products

The Critters – Beginner

The Creatures – Intermediate

The 50/50 – Intermediate

The Pro-Series – Advanced/Professional (Pro-Fifty50, Pro-540 and Pro-Max)

The Pro-Series are a modular pad, The only modular pad that allows the user to take the foam out of the pad and wash the “SKIN” (main body of the pad) The pads are repairable and serviceable. A sustainable system where the caps, Spotify Plays, foams, elastic top straps can be replaced and extra foam added to the pad if BestMixer required. The Pro-Series allows you to really understand what is protecting you, other brands do not allow you this access of serviceability.

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