The Critters – 3 pack protection – Jungle Skull, cloth design by ‘mulga-the-artist’


Exite Critter Pack (Kids/Youth 3 in 1 pack) Jungle Skull Critter Pack

The Critters 3 pack is made up of quality skateboard knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. These products are lightweight, easy to wear and don’t restrict from dropping in for the first time or nailing your first tricks while skating mini ramp and street. The knee pads,elbow pads and wrist guards are designed to be worn against the skin for a better fit. Our Exite Critter Packs made up of Knee, Elbow and Wrist guards are designed not to move from the impact areas and provide the protection when needed, The Critter Knee pad have a wide cap for a better slide when riding ramps.

The Exite Critter knee pads have a wide open face on the knee cap to prevent knee-cap roll and provide a good surface area to pull you-up and at a good speed but keeping you under control. Exite Critters knee, elbow and wrist protection packs are available in 3 kids/youth sizes, (youth small, youth medium and youth large).

See sizing of product in a youth sizing Kids, YS, YM and YL and in 4 colour-way options (Black, Camo Green, Camo Pink and Jungle Skull)



New Jungle Skull Critter cloth print design by Mulga-The-Artist made up of 2 x Knee, 2 x Elbow and 2 x Wrist Guards. The Critters is a high quality beginners/intermediate ramp pack that provides the protection needed. the bottom strap on the knee is webbing and a tri-loc buckle for a custom fit, available in 4 youth sizes. KIDS, YS, YM and YL.

2 x Knee (Slip-on Knee pads)

2 x Elbow (Slip-on Elbow pads)

2 x Wrist Guards (Traditional 3 strap design)

See Age/Size table

Measure up 10cm from the centre of the knee-cap

Colours available in the Critter 3 pack – Black, Camo Green and Camo Pink

Kids –                  Age range  2 – 4           Leg circumference  upto 10″ (28cm)

Youth Small –      Age range  4 – 8       Leg circumference 10″- 12″ (28 to 30.5cm)

Youth Medium –  Age range  8 – 14          Leg circumference 12″-15″ (30.5 – 38cm)

Youth Large –     Age range  14+              Leg circumference 14″-16″ (35.5 – 41cm)

Note: Sizing above is an estimate / guide only;

Additional information


Kids, Youth-Medium, Youth-Large, Youth-Small


Jungle Skull


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